Whistler's Pub & Grub

Before Laurie’s passing, I was asked to take over the control of the Whistler’s Pub domain and since the previous website was built on a Wix account a new website was needed as the previous webmaster could not pass on the Wix website due to it being linked to their account.

When this was explained to Laurie, he asked me to design a new website for the pub. I did so with no contract but all previous work I had done for him was also without contract, including all work IT work done at his residence for him and his sister, Eileen. I had shown Laurie the work that was done on the website and he was very pleased however I wanted actual photo’s of the food served at Whistler’s Pub and we were working on getting a photographer to take such pictures, however Laurie passed before this could be done.

I submitted my bill to Peter J Holman, trustee of Laurie Barr’s estate, via email and he is refusing to pay for the work I did stating I did all this on my own since there was no contract between Whister’s Pub and/or Laurie Barr, he will not pay for the work. I am putting this on here to show everyone what kind of person he is.

Again I have done all the IT work at Whistler’s Pub and Laurie Barr for past 10+ years and never had or needed a contract. Since he refuses to pay the invoice, I have the option to keep the domains and put up notice of his actions.

Peter J Holman of 121 Ryland Ave, Truro NS, B2N2V5



Paul Preiss, AP Computer Solutions